Our name's The Uncanny Violet Unicorn. What's yours?
Won't you join us at Guildhall on Sunday? Another lovely evening with the Folklahoma folks, featuring music by, well, us, Sierra Brown, Kyle Deming, and Former Friends of Young Americans (all the way from sunny Kentucky)!!! details

Lotta shows happening: We played down the street from our houses on Monday and it was super fun and we met lots of great musicians. We're playing tomorrow night in Nompton at Dope Chapel, and really looking forward to it. On Halloween night, we're setting up shop at Richard's Club to play some of our original music and our favorite spooky covers, and we'll be playing a game of "Name That Horror Movie Theme" with prizes! Come in costume!

Elecktra birthed that baby on the last day of may. He's pretty cute, see? :

So, we'll be slowly getting back to the music making. We're playing at the state fair again in September, and would like to book a couple of shows in August, so, watch this space.

Elecktra is still in the throes of growing a baby, so, we've not been playing much, but, we are planning to resurface sometime around July. 

A belated happy new year, and a very merry valentimes to you! We're not avoiding you, we promise. We still love you, but, Elecktra is having a baby! We're taking a bit of time off from performing whilst she rocks the whole gestation thing. In about a week, we're going to start recording our full length LP, which we hope to have finished and ready for you some time in the late summer/early autumn. In the meantime, keep an eye on the youtubes. We're planning some "making of" type videos during the recording process. If you get lonely for us, hit us up on twitter or facebook. We're tuvuband on all of those places, and we always love to hear from you.

We're playing another show at the Paramount 1/17/14 for the Film row 3rd Friday.  We really loved this venue and not just because the food's good.  Come out and see us we'll be playing from 7pm-10pm.  It's no cover so stop and smell the popcorn with us ^-^

We're playing a show (no cover) at The Paramount 10/19 at 8pm!  Hope you can come out for some tunes.

Had an awesome time at the Conservatory last night with Big Kid Show, Names Divine and Urban Zoo.  Our Next show is Sept. Friday the 13th at the State Fair. 

Goldenboy wasn't able to make it to OKC, so, that show didn't happen. Next up is the OK state fair on Friday, September 13th. We're working on booking something else between now and then, but scheduling is tricky at the moment. 

We're having fun making youtube videos! If there is a song you would like to hear us play, be it one of our's or a cover, click "contact" up ta' the top of the page, or hit us up on facebook or twitter, and chances are we can make that happen :)

We miss ya'll, and look forward to playing for you soon.

We're playing at The Conservatory on 7/16 with Skating Polly and Goldenboy!!! Also, and we know it's a lotta notice, we're playing at the OK state fair on 9/13, which is a Friday, and thereby sufficiently spooky and close enough to October to break out our awesome Halloween set that we love to play. 

Elecktra is off for a month+ in Tennessee for the birth of her bff's baby. She has tracked some new songs to keep Matthew busy whilst she is away. Watch this page for previews. We're booking shows for after her return, details forthcoming <3

Preview: listen, ya'll

Our first EP is out! To get it, click on the music tab above!
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